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I'm a San Diego Native and have been helping people change their lives for over a decade.  Next Step Sober Living is dedicated in helping people get their life back together, free from the bondage of alcohol and drug abuse.
The services at Next Step Sober Living, LLC are designed for people who are in need of a safe and sober environment to help build a foundation of recovery. Some homes have universal weight sets, excercise equipment and swimming pools.  Homes are C.C.A.P.P. Certified. We work with Mental Health Systems Inc., along with several other State and Federal Agencies

There are several homes through out San Diego County that include the Mt. Soladad & Beach Area, East County, South Bay and City Heights area. For more information, pictures and locations, please open up the numberd boxes in the middle of the screen.
Next Step Sober Living, LLC is a semi-structured environment that utilizes the 12 steps as an introduction to a new way of life. Feel free to call for more information and referrals to other sober living homes, outpatient programs, and treatment centers in San Diego, CA Homes are priced very competive!!!

spectacular view from back yard overlooking the city!